Choosing Your Surrogacy Agency: Why Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists

Victoria Ferrara


I will be in San Francisco soon at the Men Having Babies Surrogacy Conference, and it occurs to me that I should express why intended parents from the West Coast should work with Worldwide Surrogacy. Our surrogacy agency has its headquarters in Connecticut and we have a New York office. In February 2016, we will be expanding to the West Coast by adding another surrogacy agency office in Seattle.

While proximity can be a factor to consider in choosing from among surrogacy agencies, it is not a necessary one. The main reason to work with Worldwide Surrogacy is that our team provides competent, compassionate, responsive, and expert surrogacy services. We screen and secure surrogate mothers from all over the United States, many surrogacy friendly states among them. In fact many intended parents work with a surrogacy agency outside of their area, including the international intended parents who choose to work with Worldwide Surrogacy. We easily do much of our work with them through Skype and email. Then we meet either at conferences in their area or when they come to the United States for their surrogacy matches, egg donation, and embryo transfers.

Another reason many intended parents choose to work with Worldwide Surrogacy regardless of where they live is the affordability and the knowledge we provide about surrogacy matching, surrogacy insurance, legal matters, and the incomparable team approach that Worldwide brings to the surrogacy process.

In addition to this, surrogate mothers tell us they choose to work with Worldwide because of the attention and case management that the team brings to each unique surrogacy journey. Surrogates who choose intended parents through Worldwide are provided with support, detailed information, and readily available access to the agency team. Importantly, they are treated with dignity, respect, and gratitude. This is why Worldwide recruits the best and most desirable surrogate mothers.

We will be in San Francisco on January 23 and 24, 2016, and then in Seattle from January 25 through January 29. We'd love to meet with you so you can see why Worldwide Surrogacy is the wise choice when deciding on a surrogacy agency. 

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