Bringing Home Baby: What to Expect the First Week

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There is no greater joy in life outside of meeting your child for the first time. Those earliest moments together are precious and leave parents feeling enraptured. Strapping your tiny bundle of love into the infant car seat for his/her maiden voyage home mixes a variety of emotions with the realization that this is really happening. The joy extends beyond words. The bond that grows between parents and their children during those earliest encounters is euphoric. 

Blissful as the experience is, the first few weeks at home are an adjustment. During the first week, there is very little outside of experience to prepare parents for the adventure.

Expect to Learn How to Function on Very Little Sleep

It is a well-known fact that newborns spend most of their time sleeping. The problem for parents is that their little loves sleep more during the day than night. Between feeding, burping, diapering, and putting baby down, there is rarely a nap long enough for the adults to lay down and fully recharge. Parents should take whatever time they can find to catch a few z's while their baby sleeps, even during the day. Do not worry about the household chores haunting your conscience or guilting you into working while your infant rests. Sleep is critical to maintain sanity and best meet the needs of your newborn child. 

Many Feedings

Another thing newborn babies do often is eat. Several books and online articles introduce a general feeding schedule for newborns. While reading any recommendations might seem helpful, it is important to acknowledge each baby is an individual. The standard two ounces every two hours may satisfy one newborn's appetite while another newborn may need to be fed twice as much. When in doubt, call your pediatrician to hear what they suggest. One helpful tip to keep in mind is that newborns do not have developed taste buds. When a newborn wants to eat, their body is saying it needs more calories for fuel. A newborn will not eat just for the taste. 

Enjoy Every Second

You may not find time to bathe, sleep or keep up with social mandates (i.e. write thank you notes or return phone calls) during the first week and that is okay! Adjusting to baby can be a challenge, but it will always be the most treasured experience you will keep. No one who stops by to visit or bring food will judge you if the house is a mess. No one will think twice about mountains of laundry piled on the floor. All that matters is forging the inseparable bond with that tiny bundle of love. Hard as it may be to believe those first days, that teeny tiny baby will grow up fast and need you less. There will be no way to regain these most precious moments from your first week with enjoy every second!

*Please note: This is a general synopsis. You should speak with your healthcare provider for more information and details about your individual process.

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