Back From London: Report On The Families Through Surrogacy Conference

Back From London: Report On The Families Through Surrogacy Conference

Victoria Ferrara


The Families Through Surrogacy Conference in London was very professional and informative and many people who wish to have children through surrogacy were able to meet physicians and lawyers and many other surrogacy professionals. It was another wonderful opportunity to bring the Worldwide Surrogacy message to many hopeful intended parents.

What is the Worldwide message? At Worldwide Surrogacy, we recruit wonderful women to become gestational surrogates. We create excellent surrogacy matches, and we follow and support intended parents and gestational carriers through the entire surrogacy journey. We are caring, professional, intelligent and efficient.

The evening I arrived in London, I had dinner with Richard Westoby, author of Our Journey: One Couple's Guide to Surrogacy in the U.S., a highly regarded resource for European couples seeking to have children through gestational surrogacy in the United States. Based in London, Richard and his partner became the parents (through gestational surrogacy) of twins in September 2012. Richard used CT Fertility as his medical clinic and experienced the professional and personal support of Dr. Michael Doyle and the CT Fertility team. It took only one IVF attempt to achieve the desired twin pregnancy, and the birth of a healthy boy and girl. 

At the conference, I chaired several of the presentations including one on the affordability of surrogacy with Attorney Steve Snyder. Another presentation on surrogacy in the country of Georgia was moderated by Attorney Louisa Ghevaert of Michelmores law firm in London.

I was also honored to introduce Dr. Gilbert Mottla of Shady Grove Fertility who gave a very thoughtful and insightful talk on IVF with a focus on the benefits of single embryo transfers. He said that the reduced risk of the pregnancy and the high quality of the embryos that are created with today's medical technology make single embryo transfers a desired method of proceeding through surrogacy. This appears to be a trend in surrogacy for a number of reasons including ethical considerations, risk, the natural human biology that generally the human body is meant to carry one baby and, of course, concerns for the parents and the stress level that two infants will bring into a household.

In addition, I was happy to again connect with my friend, Dr. Said Daneshmand of The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, a premier surrogacy destination in the U.S..  

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"Thank you for everything. All of your staff has been very helpful and outstandingly nice! I can't wait to continue this journey with your group."




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