Baby's Development In Utero

Baby's Development In Utero

Victoria Ferrara


There is no end to the amazement associated with fetal growth and development. Changes are happening each week, and it is fun to envision how your baby is developing throughout the pregnancy.

First Trimester

The first trimester starts off a little funny. Obstetricians count the beginning of the last period as the beginning of the pregnancy. As a result, there is no baby during the first two weeks. Week three is when fertilization occurs and then the fertilized egg implants during week four. During a gestational surrogacy, the weekly baby tracker may differ if IVF can inform the exact date the embryo transfer occurred. Consult your IVF doctor regarding any questions.

During week five, that little embryo begins to develop the brain, spinal cord and basic circulatory system. As early as the sixth week, little appendages appear that will become the baby's arms and legs. The head develops during week seven, and then the eyes week eight.

Parents are often excited to learn the gender of their child. While it might not be confirmed for a few more weeks, the genitals form during the eleventh week.

By the end of the first trimester, your baby is approximately 2.5 inches in length and can weigh approximately one half ounce.

Second Trimester

The second trimester is weeks thirteen through twenty-seven. Typically, babies are approximately three and one half inches long by week fourteen. By week fifteen, your baby will begin to develop bones. It is reported that your baby's mouth may begin to make a sucking motion by the sixteenth week. Week eighteen is typically when baby begins to hear.

The twentieth week is dubbed the halfway point in the pregnancy. While each pregnancy is unique, it is common for the carrier to begin to feel the child around this point. By week twenty-one, that little bundle is already able to swallow.

During week twenty-three, your child's individual fingerprints and footprints develop. During this same week, taste buds form on the baby's tongue. If the parents attempt to speak directly to their child during week twenty-five, they may be surprised to feel their baby respond through movement.

Third Trimester

Weeks twenty-eight through birth are the final push for baby to finish developing into that gorgeous little love you'll call your child.

Baby's eyes can begin to open by the twenty-eighth week. This week is also a turning point for safety. Statistically speaking, babies that make it to this point are more likely to survive.

During week thirty-two, your baby's developing lungs will begin to practice breathing. During week thirty-three, babies pupils can dilate as he/she begins to detect light.

By week thirty-five, your baby is gaining healthy weight. What was slow-moving up to this point will now move quickly. It is estimated the child will continue to put on approximately .5lb each week from this point until birth.

All major organs have developed to function on their own by week thirty-seven; however, this is still considered pre-term. Each day in those final weeks leading to the birth provides more opportunity for baby to develop and get ready to meet you.

*Please note: This is a general synopsis. You should speak with your healthcare provider for more information and details about your individual process.   

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