A Surrogate's Personal Story

A Surrogate's Personal Story

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At Worldwide Surrogacy, we meet many wonderful intended parents and gestational surrogates. We always say how we want to thank the surrogates. What amazing and loving work they do in bringing babies into the world and fulfilling the dreams of intended parents to have families.  We love to share women's stories of becoming a surrogate. Here's one from surrogate Megan Gallagher, in her own words.

"When people find out I'm a two-time surrogate (more accurately a �??gestational carrier'), the first thing they ask is if it's hard at the end to give up the baby. I am then given the opportunity to educate them on what being a gestational carrier is all about. I explain that I love the babies that I have carried just as one would love a favorite nephew or niece...it is a very special kind of love but also very different than the love I felt carrying my own child.

"Carrying a baby for someone else also takes on a different kind of responsibility and pressure. My job is to grow a healthy, happy baby and then expect the parents to 'fix' any problems that may arise. My water broke with my second surrogate baby at 34 weeks and 4 days. And I was terrified. All I kept thinking was that I had somehow failed this amazing family. That I was about to turn in my 'project' 5 weeks early, uncompleted and still expected to get a passing grade. That any problems that would arise from delivering her so very, very early would now be their problems to fix and it was all my fault. I was crushed. I was horrified. I had failed. Then I heard her cry.

"I saw her perfect pink arms and legs and her perfect little head full of black hair. I saw the most perfect heart shaped lips I had ever seen. And I knew I hadn't failed. I knew I had just given birth to the most beautiful baby girl ever. I thought I couldn't be happier. But then I saw her with her fathers. Two strong, courageous, intelligent, wonderful people that turned into complete mush piles when they looked at her. Or talked about her. Or held her. I have never seen two happier people or two parents more in love with their new baby. And I realized that not only did I not fail, I had just helped to create a family so beautiful and so full of love that it was inspiring. It reminded me of what family is all about. I will be forever grateful for having been chosen to help create a family with this couple. And I will be forever grateful that my family and their family are now, and will forever be, part of a larger family."

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