5 Surrogacy Struggles for Intended Parents & How to Overcome Them

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Few good things in life come without a fair share of obstacles. Intended Parents may encounter struggles throughout their surrogacy journey, but no hurdle is too great to overcome.

Finding the Right Surrogate

Once IPs have committed to surrogacy to grow their families, they're eager to begin the process. However, it's important to remember that finding the right match for a gestational surrogate may take some time. The wait can be frustrating, but IPs should not lose hope.

One way to overcome this obstacle is to work with a surrogacy agency. Experienced surrogacy agencies like Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists will help make the process of finding a carrier easier.

Failed Embryo Transfers

The excitement is palpable awaiting the results of an embryo transfer. Unfortunately, not all embryo transfers result in pregnancy.

What can IPs do? One way to overcome this struggle is to increase the number of embryo transfers the surrogate and IPs agree to try. Greater numbers increase the odds of surrogacy. If the agreed to number of transfers still did not result in a positive pregnancy, IPs can speak with their surrogate and ask to try one more time. 


During a surrogacy journey, few calls can be as disheartening as one informing you that your surrogate had a miscarriage. Miscarriages are never easy, and they can be devastating.

How to overcome a miscarriage: Before you begin your surrogacy journey, it's important to keep in mind that miscarriages can happen to anyone?including surrogates. Have the IVF clinic freeze any embryos that were not transferred in case you need to try again.

It is okay to feel sad after a miscarriage. However, IPs need to stay strong and focus on the goal. Reach out to other IPs through online support groups or forums. Seek support from others who have endured this hardship and learn how they were able to try again.

Selective Reduction

Transferring multiple embryos at one time may increase the chances of becoming pregnant, but it can also increase the risk for becoming pregnant with multiples.

Carrying multiples can increase risks for the surrogate and the babies. The IPs may need to consider selective reduction to decrease the health risks for their surrogate and to increase the chances for one or two of the babies to survive.

The best advice for overcoming this struggle is to decide ahead of time when or if you consent to selective reduction and confirm with the gestational carrier that she agrees with you.

Lack of Support from Loved Ones

Surrogacy is becoming increasingly popular and common but there are still those who do not agree with it. As an IP, it can be hurtful if family members or loved ones do not support your decision to grow your family through surrogacy.

What can IPs do if family members or loved ones do not support their decision?

Forget about those people! This is an amazing, exciting time in your life and anyone who cannot realize how positive your journey will be does not deserve to be involved. Instead, surround yourself with loved ones who will support you throughout each step towards having your child.

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