5 Expenses that Are Covered During Surrogacy

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When a woman commits to becoming a surrogate, she is committing to share herself physically and emotionally to help others experience the gift of a child. While monetary compensation is agreed upon before beginning the journey, there are additional expenses that will be covered during her time as a carrier.

Once a surrogate is matched to intended parents,both parties work together to generate the surrogacy agreement. Specific requests or expectations can be included in the surrogacy contract regarding expenses to be covered. Some expenses are automatically included, while others will need to be agreed to before the contract is finalized.

Surrogacy-Related Medical Bills

Any medical bills related to the surrogacy will be covered. Applicable medical bills include those from IVF, OB visits, hospital/delivery fees, etc. Certain medical costs, e.g. visits to a doula, acupuncturist or chiropractor would not be included in commonly covered medical costs. If you will require any of these extra services throughout your surrogacy, you will need to include the requests when completing the surrogacy compensation form. At WSS, surrogates are instructed to submit their medical bills to the Billing Coordinator. The bills will be paid promptly.

Allowance for Maternity Clothes

Per the surrogacy contract, the surrogate will receive an allowance to purchase maternity clothes. How this money gets distributed will be based upon the agreement between the surrogate and the intended parents in the surrogacy contract. Sometimes money is distributed at the beginning of each trimester and other agreements pay the allowance in one lump sum.

Monthly Expense Fee

Surrogates generally receive a monthly expense(s) fee throughout the surrogacy. Monies from this expense will help cover costs the gestational carrier may incur. Examples include: childcare, travel costs, lost wages due to medical appointments, etc.  Also, if agreed to in the surrogacy contract, monthly expenses may include: prenatal yoga, chiropractor visit, acupuncturist, non-prescription prenatal vitamins or any other extras requested by the surrogate.

Embryo Transfer Fee

The gestational surrogate will receive monetary compensation for any embryo transfer(s). While an embryo transfer is an essential component in a gestational surrogacy, the procedure may require the carrier to miss work time, be on bed rest or hire childcare to help at home. The embryo transfer fee will cover the cost of any money lost or spent by the surrogate at that time.

Fee for Any Invasive Medical Procedure(s)

While money is never the motivation to commit to a surrogacy journey, it is reassuring to know the carrier will be given monetary compensation for any invasive medical procedures throughout the experience. Examples of invasive medical procedures include: amniocentesis, reduction, C-section, D&C, and termination. At WSS, surrogates are encouraged to do their own research and identify the compensation they will require for any invasive medical procedure(s). Online forums and surrogacy websites offer examples of compensation offered for different procedures.

Reasonable requests identified on the surrogacy compensation form and agreed to by the intended parents will be added to the surrogacy contract. Knowing one's specific needs will be met throughout the surrogacy will help support a positive experience for the carrier and the child.


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