One of Connecticut’s First Full-Service
Surrogacy Matching Agencies

Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists was founded by leading reproductive lawyer, Victoria T. Ferrara, to help intended parents across the globe build their families through gestational surrogacy.

Dedicated to supporting all intended parents, Ferrara forged a path for legal parentage in Connecticut through the historic Supreme Court case of Raftopol v. Ramey. This landmark decision ruled that an intended parent could assume all rights to a child through a gestational agreement, regardless of the genetic connection to the child born to the surrogate.

Specializing in assisted reproductive technology law for over 25 years, Ferrara additionally serves as the founder and managing director of her own firm, The Ferrara Law Group, PC, where she focuses on assisted reproductive technology and surrogacy law.

Ferrara is backed by a compassionate team of case managers, social workers, and clinical psychologists with over a decade of experience helping both gay & straight couples and singles build their families through surrogacy. Our dedicated team values equality, acceptance, and the ethical formation of families through surrogacy, and is proud to support intended parents of every race, gender, and sexual orientation on their journey to parenthood.